You asked – we answered

Do the bikes need to be locked up at any time while unattended during my ride?

Yes, the bikes need to be secured at all times with the provided combination lock, while unattended.

What Happens if my bikes gets a flat tire or damaged, and I can’t ride it anymore?

Notify us of damages directly and we will come fix your bike or swap it with a new one.

How far can the bikes go on a single charge?

Each bike has an average range of 100km per charge.

How what is the minimum age to rent an e-bike?

You must be at least 19 years old to rent an e-bike.

What happens if the battery dies before we finish the ride?

If the battery dies, the bike will still work as a normal bike so you will be able to still get to the final destination.

What is the max speed that the bikes will assist you to?

Our bikes all have a max pedal assist speed of 32Km/h.

Does E-Kruise supply helmets?

Yes, helmets are included in every rental.

What are the height restrictions on the bikes?

Our bikes can comfortably fit anyone ranging in height from 5’0- 6’7

British Columbia E-Bike Safety and Regulations

E-Kruise puts safety first. Have fun and most importantly, be safe when operating an electric bicycle.

Electric Bicycles

E-Kruise bikes have pedal power with electric motor assistance and electric power disengaging when the operator stops pedalling.


Our e-bikes have an electric motor of 500 watts or less and bicycle-style pedals for manual propulsion.

Maximum Speed

The maximum speed an electric bicycle can go is up to 32 km/h on level ground without pedalling.

Licensing and Insurance

Vehicle registration, licensing and insurance are not required (insurance may be available under a homeowner’s policy).

Driver’s License

No driver’s license is necessary. However, you must be at least 19 years old to rent and ride an e-bike.

Helmet Requirement

You must wear a bicycle helmet when operating an e-bike. E-Kruise offers complimentary helmets with every rental.

Road Rules

When operating an electric bicycle, you are subject to the same rights and duties as the driver of a motor vehicle, such as obeying all traffic lights and control devices. As well, bicycle safety rules should be followed. Section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act: Rights and Duties of Operator of Cycle.

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