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Western Canada is our home and a region broadly built around sustainability and tourism. With this in mind, E-Kruise partnerships provides business owners the opportunity to offer their guests a wonderful new resource for sustainable tourism. Electric bikes are powered electrically through pedal assist, offering an ethical solution for exploring our beautiful neighbourhoods across BC and AB.

Our Partnerships

Visit Penticton
Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts

Buffalo Mountain Lodge

Distinct from the majority of Banff hotels, Buffalo Mountain Lodge is situated on Tunnel Mountain. A peaceful mountain retreat offering comfortable accommodation with fireplaces to cozy up to, uniquely mountain style architecture including post and beam construction and high open ceilings, and delicious hearty Canadian meals made up of dishes that can’t be found back home.

Find Rocky Mtn E-Kruise located at Buffalo Mountain Lodge to explore the incredible Rockies, world renowned lakes, and the city of Banff with ease.

Tourism Kelowna & Visit Penticton

Find us on Tourism Kelowna and Visit Penticton for things to do in the Okanagan. Our partnership with Tourism Kelowna is a way for us to offer more to our guests. It’s as easy as two simple steps.

  • Step 1: book an e-bike with Kelowna E-Kruise or Penticton E-Kruise
  • Step 2: check out Tourism Kelowna or Visit Penticton for ideas on how you can spend your day exploring the Okanagan from roots to vine

Get started on planning your trip and experience the Okanagan Valley with us.

Interested in a partnership? Let’s talk.